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Cartography Portfolio (in progress)

I.) Antiquity ~ (FIN)

+ The Empire of Alexander the Great to 323 BC ~ (FIN)
+ The expansion of the Roman Empire to AD 117 ~ (FIN)
+ The Roman Empire, AD 125 ~ (FIN)
+ The Roman Empire, AD 395 ~ (FIN)
+ The rise of Christianity to AD 451 ~ (FIN)
+ The barbarian migrations, AD 358 - 568 ~ (FIN)
+ The end of the Western Roman Empire, AD 476 ~ (FIN)

II.) Middle Ages
+ (tba)

III.) Early Modern Era
+ (tba)

IV.) Modern Era
+ (tba)


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Friends, Romans, countrymen!

Since a few months, I’ve been working on a series of forty-five historical maps, in an effort to put together a cartography portfolio in which we journey through history from the empire of Alexander the Great to the European Union in 2014 (or 2015), thus presenting a very broad window on world history with a particular focus on the role of European cultures and empires in it (after all, I am European ^^).

The portfolio will be divided into four chapters – Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Early Modern Era and the Modern Era – which brings me to the great news that the first of these chapters has now been completed. We have left Antiquity and are ready to enter the fascinating Medieval world.

The Middle Ages... The time when brave knights battled for the hand of a princess, minstrels travelled far and wide to sing their songs and noble kings ruled their people from mighty castles. The clichés associated with the Middle Ages seem to come straight from a fairytale. But the Medieval world was far from a fairytale land.

Once the images of brave knights, pretty princesses and mighty castles have faded, try to imagine a Europe where the far reaches of the map have not yet been entirely explored; where the masses live in miserable hardship under the omnipresent shadow of war, hunger and disease; where the Christian faith wields an overwhelming influence in the lives of kings and commoners alike; where a “nation”, “government” or “borders” in the modern sense hardly exist; where overall development is on a backward level compared to the neighbouring culture spheres... Hard to imagine, perhaps, but such was the face of the Middle Ages.

And yet, Medieval Europe and Modern Europe are deeply connected for the foundations of Europe were all built during the Middle Ages: the founding of territorial states with a national consciousness, the birth of language areas (Sprachräumen), the spread of Christianity, the urbanisation of Europe beyond the confines of the fallen Roman Empire, the advance of science and philosophy, the creation of new political systems and the rise of commercial networks. When Europe ultimately broke out of its confines and set out to explore and conquer much of the globe, the soul of the Medieval era was carried across the oceans to places the Medieval man could not have begun to imagine...

In the coming weeks and months, we will visit some of the greatest pinnacles of Medieval European history: Byzantium, the empire of Charlemagne, the Crusades, the Mongols, the Teutonic Order, the Black Death, the Reconquista...

“The blades are sharpened
They will all learn
Yes, destroy your dream
Your desert of dreams
It's undeserved
For Dark Medieval Times!”



(Thank you for all the birthday wishes, I really appreciate that! ^^)
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